Hatterscheidt $2,000 Scholarship Grant for College Education

Getting to college is financially demanding when you don’t have the means and the source of income to continuously support your college education. South Dakota’s average family income is below $22,000 monthly which can hardly support the families’ basic needs and it will be almost impossible to support even the shortest of the degree programs. However, parents in South Dakota finally found their hope as there are scholarship grants to help their kids achieve a college education.

The Augustana University offers scholarships for high school seniors who need financial assistance for their bachelor degree or in the variety of the degree programs the university has to offer. One of the scholarships is the Hatterscheidt Scholarship which grants a non-renewable $2,000 per year for eligible students. A qualified student can now realize their bachelor degree as long as you reside in South Dakota. Other qualifications to consider are that the students should have a minimum average of high school GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and a graduate from a high school in South Dakota. The Hatterscheidt Scholarship other requirements includes acceptance or admission in the university, 12 credit hours minimum per semester before classes begins and has applied to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

There are forms which should be completed and documents that should be included along with the application form. Student applicants can download the Application for Admission and Scholarships form on the university’s website, print it out and completely fill the fields legibly. Some needed documents the applicant should prepare beforehand are their high school transcript and three recommendation letters from their current professor, teacher and/or employer. The student should also write a brief autobiography which is not exceeding 200 words that emphasize their experiences and their future plans. The deadline for the application is by March 14. The application form and the supplemental documents should be submitted via fax or mail. The Augustana University Committee will then review the application and forward the recommendations for a final deliberation to the Hatterscheidt Scholarship foundation. The successful applicants will be notified via mail and should send a thank you note before July 1 to retain the grant award.

For your further questions and concerns about the Hatterscheidt Scholarship you can call the Augustana Office of Financial Aid at 605 274 5216 or visit the Augustana University website on http://www.augie.edu/augustana-scholarships-and-grants

Haugo Memorial $3500 Scholarship for Degree Programs

Do you dream of getting a college education? Do you wish to finish a bachelor degree but financial circumstances on your life don’t go your way? Sadly our current home situation has a great impact on whether we can continue on with our college education. Most of the average families continue to experience financial issues and according to studies a long term resolution is good education so you can get a bachelor degree to be competent in high paying jobs. However, how can we come to that solution if getting into college seemed difficult?

Augustana University has realized these issues with many other universities, organizations and institutions. In response to the need of the students, the Augustana University has offered many scholarship grants to help the students in need of financial assistance to get any degree programs of their choice and be able to finish their college education. One of the scholarships available is the Haugo Memorial Scholarships which grants a variable of $3,500 amount. This scholarship grant is also renewable.

Since 1988, the Haugo Memorial Scholarships have supported hundreds of students to achieve major or minor degree programs that the Augustana University is offering. This scholarship’s benefactors are Mr. Erling Hugo and Mrs. Clara Hugo, a couple who has been a major part of the universities journey to help students in need of financial assistance. Priority will be given to students from geographic areas like Lincoln, Minnehaha, Union, the counties of Turner and Clay, Lyon County in Iowa and the Rock County in Minnesota. The students’ eligibility will also be based on their financial need, unique talents and gifts, and academic achievement and promise. Some of the requirements are the complete Application for Admission and Scholarships found in the Augustana website submitted before February 15. The applicant may also need to prepare their high school transcript, recommendation letters and a 250 word essay demonstrating your writing skills. Another form should also be submitted which is the Haugo Scholarship Application form which can be filled up via the website as well. Some fields require the student to mention their Community interests and involvement, achievement in academics in forms of honors and awards or recognition, and Extracurricular Participation like the name of the organization, inclusive dates and leadership roles if any.

The Augustana’s Faculty Scholarship and Awards Committee will determine which student applicants will be granted the Haugo Memorial Scholarships. For your inquiries you may send an email to admission@augie.edu or call Augustana Office of Financial Aid at 605 274 5216.

American Water Works Association (AWWA) Offers $3,000 and $1,500 to Manuscripts from Masters Degree Online Holders

One of the many things that college education and masters degree online universities teach their students is academic writing. College education writing is the basics that students of masters degree online courses must learn before going on to the next step of their year in their respective degree programs. Different degree programs give birth to numerous manuscripts that are tremendous help for the state, even outside of the country. This is because academic research is vital for new innovations, solutions, and ideas that could help the country and even the world. If you are a student in his or her masters or doctorate degree programs who have produced a manuscript about public water supply, then you might want to look for opportunities to share your findings and conclusions to the academic community. Not only will you gain exposure for your work, you may also be a part of even more opportunities like jobs in the academe or memberships to different organizations and associations.

The American Water Works Association or AWWA is looking to award its Academic Achievements Award to bright individuals taking up their masters or doctorate program in any field or area that have produced manuscripts, theses, and dissertations that covers the subject of public water supply. This award was created to encourage the continuous participation and hard work towards public water supply. The AWWA will award $3,000 and $1,500 to the first place and second place holder respectively. There will be a doctoral dissertation and a masters thesis category for those who are interested to join. One must duly accomplish an online form to be mailed to the AWWA or emailed to awards@awwa.org. The deadline for applications is during the first of October every year. The submitted manuscripts will be subjected to a scrutiny of a panel chosen the AWWA and will be judged based on originality, practical application, value to the water supply field, potential value as a reference, and overall clarity. Simply follow these links: https://www.awwa.org/membership/get-involved/awards/award-details/articleid/4498/academic-achievement-award.aspx and https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarship-directory/deadline/deadline-in-jaunuary/awwa-academic-achievement-awards for more details and information regarding the award.

The AWWA was founded in 1881 and is the composed of hundreds of water supply professionals in the world. It is a non-profit, international, scientific, and educational society aiming to provide effective, scientific, and sustainable water supply solutions. This association works hard for the sustainability of water supply.

Modern Dance Program Scholarships for degree program

Talents and passion should be develop through education. These two are mostly the core components of a person’s dreams and desires. Therefore, it is just right to help them achieved it. And we might not know that their success might also become a success for his or her community. As stated by Maria Wright Edelman, ““Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.“ So, the government must make it a top priority to provide education as possible as they can. Make it affordable to everyone and not just for a few. And order to do this, society should provide college degree or any degree program holders that makes professionals that will soon take over the society.

On the other hand, due to the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, there are now alternatives that enables someone to learn at the comfort of their place. Online school and other platforms are continuously adding features that makes learning easier as time goes by. Now, you can watch a lot of videos of modern dancing tutorials uploaded by different people. But, we cannot still compare an online school into getting a college degree or any other degree program in a formal school. That is why it is a good option for individual to find someone or something that could provide them with their needs in pursuing their dream school.

Fortunately, there are institutions that are willing to spend money in order to support aspiring students to pursue their dream through financial aid and scholarships. One of them is the Modern Dance Scholarship Program of the University of Utah. This aim to support student in improving their knowledge in the area of Modern Dancing in their school. The only requirement it has is that you should be a student majoring in modern dancing and answering some questions which they will provide in a form of essay writing. This is a good opportunity to ensure a college degree when you think that you lack a financial resources. However, be discouraged if you do not really want to pursue a degree in modern dancing as this will just waste both your time and the scholarship fund. For more information, you could check https://utah.academicworks.com/opportunities/8182.

General Scholarship Application for Continuing Theatre Teaching Majors

There are a lot of people who are longing to have an education. They believe that it could give them extra opportunities in the future in order to uplift their life’s status. We may find it true in the words of Jean Piaget, “The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things.” That is why most parents are willing to spend almost all of their wealth just to make send their kids into school in order to get a college degree or any degree programs.

The bad news is, there are a lot of hindrances that exist in our society today that prevents everyone to acquire a formal schooling. We cannot hide the fact that school expenses are gradually increasing. Tuitions fees are too much expensive to afford by the majority. Student debt’s interest rate greatly leap upward that makes it hard for almost everyone to pay. No wonder why there are a lot of people who are going into alternatives such as online school that offers a much cheaper expenses in studying. But, we cannot hide the fact that many people still prefers to enter a formal schooling as this is what most institutions are looking for.

Having the case, it is a good thing that there are organizations that are willing to help. These organizations aids the government in sustaining the needs in education that they’ve failed to provide. However, there are requirements that an aspiring applicant should passed before acquiring a scholarship or financial aid for a college degree or any degree programs. One of them is the General Scholarship Application for Continuing Theatre Teaching Majors. This scholarship is intended for those who are having a hard time to sustain their education, but still wants to pursue a career in theater teaching. Although this could be learn through online school, but having a formal degree should give you more accreditations.

So, in order to apply, you must be currently studying as a Theater Teaching Major with at least 12 credit hours in each semester. You should also submit a degree audit report and prove your improvement in theater or contributions in the community / department by writing it in a paragraph form. For the complete information, you could check https://utah.academicworks.com/opportunities/8335.